Need a church home? We welcome you into our family!

You are invited to visit New Hope Fellowship if you need a family, who will:

Love you no matter who you are,

No matter what you have done or,

Where you come from...

You are welcome if you are questioning God, have never set foot in a church, or a part of those who have been wounded;

We will accept you and allow the Holy Spirit to bring change.


Meet the pastor

Everyone Is Welcome!

We are a family giving people hope of

grace and healing.



Assembly of God in Star Valley, WY

New Hope Fellow​ship

i am new here


Sunday Worship - 10:30 AM 

SPECS (Youth) - Sunday, right after church in sanctuary 

Life Groups (seasonal) - 6:00 PM 

Wednesday, Prayer - 7:00 PM 

Thursday, Ladies Bible Study (seasonal) - 6:30 PM